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Whisper HR: en route to Cape Verde DAY 2

Posted by mei-sm on November 15, 2015 Dear all, We are now motoring. Last night about 3am the boat speed dropped to about 3 knots; and on came the Volvo wind. Dawn was ok, a real hazy morning. The Kalima wind is blowing very lightly In laymans terms the sands from the Sahara is blowing in. Its a warm wind. its 8:25 am and its 25 degrees Celcius. water temp about the same. Its a very pleasant. The locals told us that you sail south until the butter melts then turn west. Last year Enki II did it and the butter never melted. I think we are almost there, by lunch time it will be gooey. But we won't turn west because we're heading for Cape Verde. We had our first night watch. I did struggle to get to 11pm. Hey Adric saw your moment on TV, looking good. All is well. Cheers Mei, Kevin and Terry

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