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Posted by mei-sm on May 26, 2013 We stayed in Mandraki harbour (40 Euro/night including elec and water) in Corfu. It is a lovely spot at the base of the old fort. It is easily walking distance to everything in Corf town. The ferry terminal contains the harbourmaster, customs and immigration.   Corfu is interesting to explore. The architecture is different from any of the Greek islands we have visited, Corfu was out first Ionian island. We hired a car and scooted to the beach at Palaiokastritsa and went to the highest peak. The visibility was OK but not crystal. Still the island and the architecture were pretty to look at.   We had not heard from Maxine and were getting worried. When she called she was at a café within 200m from where we were. Adric left the next day and we checked out of Corfu.   Albania We were excited to go to Albania. We had heard so little about this country. We had a pleasant sail there wind from the south, less than a half meter swell. Albania is very mountains especially along the cost and it was lovely. The Orikum marina was pleasant enough, reasonably priced and the clearance easy (24 Euro/night including elec and water, 30 euro for clearance in/out). A walk to the little town of Orikum was enlightening. Soviet style concrete boxes for apartment and shops. It felt a little bit like asia with the mouldy walls and electrician’s nightmare. Vlora had a modern main street and the ethnography museum was interesting. We mistook a black flokati poncho for a bear skin. The Albanian shepherd would wear this up in the mountains.   We had heard the capital Tirane was interesting.  The bus arrives in Orikum at 0615 we were told. We got there with 3 minutes to spare and noticed a few things, no one waiting and the sports barman looked bored. We asked him about the bus and he said 0600. It should have passed us if it had left on time. We were walking on the same road. We were a tad perplexed. We walked off and started back, then decided to stop for a coffee along the way. Mid sip of his coffee Kevin noticed a minibus zoom past with Tirane on the windscreen. We rushed to the bus and stopped it from moving. Yes it goes to Tirane at 0615. Yes well we said and jumped on. He drove to the bus station and stopped the bus and got off. We looked at the sport’s bar and noticed several people having coffees and …well waiting. It finally dawned on us that were must be in a different time zone. In fact it was one hour different +2 UTC, not at all like Athens or Istanbul (+3 UTC). We had woken up at 4am and counting.   The trip into Tirane took 2.5 hours. Sleep came in useful as the landscape was fairly flat; there were more uninspiring soviet style concrete apartment blocks. There were also many new private houses in the country side.   We wandered through the city to the NationalHistoryMuseum. Quite interesting. Had a nice meal and caught the 2pm bus back to Orikum. Titrane stops at 2 – 5pm for a siesta. Montenegro We arrived this morning. We did an overnighter to the Gulf of Kotor. Most of the trip the wind was southerly (15-20knots) with 1m seas. Quite OK, lovely sail. When we got to the coast of Montenegro the winds dropped to 10 knots, but a 3m westerly swell was running UGH; chunderous.   We are now at Trivat in the Gulf of Kotor. The Porto Montenegro marina guys drove us round to the CIQP. (marina was: 65 euro/night, not including water + electricity, Vignette sticker was 126 Euro per week). An Aussie runs the marina. It is also entirely OK to anchor in the bay and do the clearance yourself.  The cost may be less for the vignette if you bypass the marina.      

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