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Posted by mei-sm on April 24, 2013 Whisper HR position Course: 200T Current Speed: 0.1 Wind: 7.8 There is a large crater in the centre of the island. The sulphur encrusted rocks are interesting to look at. There was steam and sulphur fumes billowing out of a few holes. We decided not to go inside of the crater. There were footprints in the hot mud at the bottom but no large man sized holes. There are a couple of villages that overlook the crater. The island is sparsely populated and it appears that most people live around the Horia and some at Nikea and Pali. The architecture is mostly Cyclades with a few large monstrosities. The cutest building was the church on the top of the hill overlooking the crater called Ayios Ioannis Thelogos. We had med moored in the Pali harbour. There were a few restaurants, hotels, motorcycle and car rental joints there. All apparently geared up for yachts. We went to Mandrake, the main ferry harbour and had a coffee. We met up with the crew from Neptune II who had walked there. The kids were still buzzed and played chassies around the concrete paths. We went up to the old town wall on top of the acropolis and discovered it had been built in 350 BC. The building blocks were enormous. It took us about half a day to see the place and it is probably a nice place to go hiking as the hills were covered with oak trees and very green. There were many terraces bounded by rock walls. A huge labour intensive endeavour to maximise the fertile acreage. Unfortunately presently there is hardly any agriculture at all. Heikell indicated that there were many people working on the island nearby that had a large pumice mine. When we got back to the boat Gary played happy birthday on his saxophone, and Vanessa. Marina and Elliot were there bearing gifts. It was all very sweet.

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