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Posted by mei-sm on April 23, 2013 Whisper HR position Course: 266T Current Speed: 6.1 Wind: 4.3 Symi was lovely; a cute charming place. Many of the Symi peeps ended up in Australia and in the last 10 years have been reclaiming their ancestors homes. Apparently after the allotted time the unclaimed houses will revert back to the local council to do as they wish. There has been quite a big effort to upgrade their grand's houses. It has brought much industry and expectations to the Islands. The islanders are buffing up their town right now, pruning, painting and paving to get ready for the season. Met a lady from perth who has lived in Symi for the last 25 years, it appears that 6000 tourists on day trips come over on the ferry everyday during the summer. But the huge explosion in tourist have actually come from the yachts and charter boats. During the season it is hard to find space to tie up to the town quay. There is electricity and water, but the shower and WC facilities are difficult to find. The water in the harbour is very clear and clean. I guess the yachties spend more money on food, grog and car hire. We are heading towards Naxos. The wind is light and the sea is slight. so motoring is the order of the day.

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