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Symi meets the Stannistreets

Posted by Pauline and Norm on April 20, 2013 We are berthed in a little island called Symi having reached Rhodes on Tuesday night after 2 days of flying. We received a hearty welcome from Mei and Kevin, so good to see them, and had a very good nights sleep. We wandered the streets of Rhodes (including the Old Town) the next day, shopping and revisiting old memories of 2 years ago.  We found a great supermarket, the deli lady happily gave us heaps of cheese to taste, and yes we bought several and all so very cheap.  The butcher gave us a good laugh when he heard we were on a yacht, asked us to take his mother in law with us, put her in a bag and drop her overboard!!   We set sail next day and sailed in 10-15 knot winds for 5 hours until we reached the island of Symi, as with the Dodecanese islands, only a few kilometres from Turkey. It was blue sky and sunshine but winds were chilly.  Symi is a beautiful port and a quite large and rugged centre of the island being in a volcanic area.  The town surrounds the harbour, with houses ascending the steep hills above.  As the summer season is nearly here all the shop keepers are hard at work painting, paving and redecorating, all very interesting to watch.  We hired a car yesterday from a lovely lady who assured us all would be Ok and if any trouble "I come and fix", all was Ok and traveled over some interesting roads, steep and winding around the mountains of rock with an incredible drop off the edge and as we are driving on right side of road it can be interesting.  Kevin decided we should go down a very narrow concrete road, saying to Norm where's your sense of adventure?  Trouble was the concrete ran out and it became pretty rough so that was the end of adventure.  We experienced a decent downpour yesterday afternoon which would have been welcome for these often dry islands.   A check of the weather today will determine when we leave as winds are currently from the wrong direction and are predicted to increase.  

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