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Posted by mei-sm on April 18, 2013 We sailed into Rhodes Mandraki Harbour. It's a very nice town with a large medieval city for the "Old Town". The pavement is not cobblestones but an interesting pebble mosaic. The crusades ended out here and the Knights of St John (pronounced sin-gin) built the city to a medieval ideal. Walls within walls and large moats.  
Rhodes Castle

Rhodes Castle

Rhodes though can trace its history back to 2000 BC. Rhodes was very central for a few millennia, juxtaposed between Alexandria, Athens and Constantinople. The strategic location became a magnet for invaders and traders, consequently the island became very multi-cultural. Walking around the medieval city you can almost imagine the men in tights. The Greeks do not dress up for it and maybe they should. Rhodes was occupied by almost every strong invader in the history of this area. Imagine my surprise when we were greeted by the marina manager who looked like Vince Colosimo. There was lots of space in the Mandraki harbour as it is still early in the season. Further in was less bouncy. The cost was very reasonable.
Kevin and the Marina Manager

Kevin and the Marina Manager

We wandered around town looking for the usual things a Cosmote sim for Kevin. His phone and data are good on his Samsung note but my WS35 Sony Ericson router struggled with Cosmote. I stuck the Vodafone sim in and it worked like a treat. There have been no new upgrades for this router for years and it is falling behind. Norm and Pauline arrived and we took them shopping the next day. That's the life, looking for good supermarkets. The Pappou on Kanada street was excellent. Fresh meat, cheese and smoked meats, and a very good all round supermarket. They gave samples out of the cheese and meats. I wanted to taste the mandarins and Pauline was hesitant so I nodded at the shopgirl and mimed opening up the orange and she nodded enthusiastically. Truly they expect you to try the produce; especially in the markets. We tried out the new shopping bag and to my amazement managed to fit all the 6 wine bottles, 4 -sixpack of beers, assorted cans, fresh meats, cheese, salami and all the fruit and vege. We also found the vege shop opposite sold a very dense bread, like a sourdough. It weighed an absolute ton. Norm and Pauline were looking for some friends who owned a butcher shop in the old town. These friends were cousins of Norms mother's bridesmaid. We asked the Pappou butchers if they knew of them, was told the shop had operated for 30 years and had been closed for 10 years. We went with Pauline to the Vodafone shop and discovered after we topped up the sim card that Pauline's Ifone took a mini sim. She was about to buy the mini sim when the shop assistant asked if it was locked? It was a Telstra phone so I was betting it was locked. Pauline is now emailing her daughter to find out. Fun for her to be on the call waiting queue of Telstra. Hellstra! Hellstra! Helstra! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

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