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Posted by Mei on December 27, 2012 We enjoyed the Cappadocia trip. I like the Sagglasso ruins which we dropped into on the way. We arrived in Cappadocia in the dark. The next morning we were off for a dawn balloon flight. But it was super foggy and the balloon company cancelled it and drove us back to the hotel. We were still not seeing much as you can appreciate. The forecaster suggested that there would be similar conditions the next day. But in the back of my mind I thought about this very experienced pilot I knew, whose favorite saying was, “How do you know when a weather forecaster is telling lies,.. his lips are moving.” Also paired that with our own experience of the forecast accuracy for the marine environment, hmm… The next day the whole group piled into the van at dawn, and went for the first balloon flight of our lives. It was superb. Hey maybe it was cloudy and the visibility was not fantastic. But I could see and we hovered over the land maybe 10 m, so we did not miss anything. We floated over three valleys and it was pure adrenaline bubbling through our veins. The Cappadocia scenery is very interesting with the beautiful Fairy Chimneys. It got a little fraught when we lifted to the top of a valley and was enveloped in cloud. The balloon meister turned up the heat and we found ourselves above the cloud. It was like a fluffy sea with the tops of the mountains like little islands. I finally got my clear blue sky with 100% visibility. All the other balloons were there too. The balloon meister had gps and VHF and was talking all the time, My hope that it was about proximity and not the latest football game. We floated for a while atop of the clouds and I noted some possible landing sites on top of the mountains. But we began to descend through the clouds, it was a white-out. The balloon meister created a little angst by asking us to alert him of anything we saw below us. We entered the valley and we could suddenly see and curiously it was where we took off from. How did he do this? We landed with a tiny thump and then hovered 100 mm above the ground while the ground crew put us onto a trailer and tied us down. They drove us to some clear ground with the 4 wheel drive and tipped the balloon and deflated her. We were then allowed to get out. To keep with tradition we had some champagne. But we were in Turkey so there was a twist and we had Saudi champagne and it tasted like sparkling apple juice. Not so bad on an empty stomach. Check the video we made on Cappadocia We spent two days looking at the rocks and clambering through the caves. Some had been made into churches with the frescos of the assumption, nativity, cruxification, resurrection, nativity etc. umm milestones in the life of Christ. There was an underground city that the peeps hid out in when the invaders came. They came all the time, Persians, Genhis Khan, Alexander the Great stc.. They could hide 35,000 people in there and keep them alive for quite a while. .The walks were lovely and I could see it would be fun just to go for walks from Goreme. There’s not lot of free time with Gwen’s tour. But it gives you a good look at everything. It was cold there. 1 degree C at dawn. Kevin froze, he didn’t pack the right clothes. The food was never ending and we were stuffed. Varying quality. Everyone liked the mushroom restaurant; the mushroom soup tasted suspiciously like Campbell cream of Mushroom. But I’m sure it’s the original. The company here are fun and we’re expanding our network of friends. I’m doing Turkish lessons, and it is interesting. At least I know some numbers.

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